Monday, January 7, 2013

Picture Book Review: I Need My Own Country!

I Need My Own Country!

I Need My Own Country!
Written by: Rick Walton
Illustrated by:  Wes Hargis
Published by: Bloomsbury Books for Young Readers, 2012

* As my 4 year old son often states when my 6 year old daughter is having a "moment,"  "It's hard to be six!"  This is often followed by feet stomping up the stairs and her bedroom door slamming......I fear that if she's like this at six, I don't want to see what she's like at sixteen!  I tell this because this story begins with the main character, a young girl, similarly going to her room and shutting the door.  She decides that she needs her own country and then proceeds to explain to the reader how to go about creating his or her own country.  First off, you'll need a location, a name, and a flag....and then you'll need to make rules and an anthem.  There may be invasions ( a little brother trying to get in) and visits from foreign leaders (a.k.a. parents!).  The illustrations in the book are humorous and definitely add to the story. 

My daughter first read this on her own when we brought it home from the library and took off with the idea of creating her own country.  Soon, there were signs all over her door and she was sitting with her brother writing rules out. This book reminded me of a project that I had to do when I was in second grade, where I had to create my own country. I'm all for books that inspire creativity!

This book was borrowed from the library.

Family Rating: 1 1/2 thumbs up.

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