Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Cat: Why Do Cats Purr?

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The Cat:  Why Do Cats Purr? And Other True Facts
A Q&A Reader Written by:  Apple Jordan
Published by:  Scholastic, 2007

* I know that I've mentioned in the past that my kids have been wanting a pet for awhile now.  My husband and I finally decided that they were responsible enough to take care of a pet.  So this year Santa brought our kids kittens for Christmas.  Yes, that's kittens, plural.  One for each of them.  We had visions of what would happen if we just got our daughter a pet, "No Connor, it's MY kitten.  Santa brought it for ME!"  So, Santa actually brought them two stuffed kittens with all of the supplies they would need to take care of said kittens, and a note explaining why he couldn't bring the kittens on Christmas (it's too cold of course!).  But mommy and daddy would take them to the shelter so they could each pick out their own kitten.  And we did.  And we love them and can't imagine our family without them!  We've had them for about two months now and they are 7 months old.  Even though they're not from the same litter, they get along so well, as seen from the pic below.

We've read some kitten care books right after we got the kittens.  My daughter recently mentioned that she wanted to read another kitten book.  On our last library trip my son reminded me that we needed to, "get a cat book for Abby."  He's always looking out for his sister!  So we headed over to the pet section and he picked out this book.   I'm sure the adorable kitten on the cover had something to do with it!  So we brought it home and at bedtime we read this book together.

The book is in question and aswer format.  Each set of pages poses a question, for example, "Why do cats purr?"  The question is then answered from the perspective of a cat.  The answers are both informative and humorous.  It gave just the right amount of info for my four and six year old, in an easy to understand way.  The book includes photos of cute kittens and cats, although I didn't think the quality of the photos was that great.  There are also boxes on each page providing facts or tips to the reader. 

Overall, this was a cute and informative read for the family.  It provided useful information for the kids on taking care of their kittens and explained cat behavior in a way they could understand.

This book was borrowed from the library.

Family Rating: 1 1/2 thumbs up.

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